Only Love Will Guide You Home...
fernweh [feyrn-vey]
(noun) This wonderful, untranslatable German word describes the feeling of homesickness for a far away land, a place you have never visited. Do not confuse this with the english word, wanderlust; Fernweh is much more profound, it is the feeling of an unsatisfied urge to escape and discover new places, almost a sort of sadness. You miss a place you have never experienced, as opposed to lusting over it or desiring it like wanderlust. You are seeking freedom and self-discovery, but not a particular home. (via frequenseas)

if lucifer needs someones consent to enter their body then so do you




My thighs are huge cuz they’re full of secrets

Wrap them around my ears and let me hear them all

Smooth as fuck


society: dare to be different!
society: whoa not THAT different you freak


After a storm - Velimir Supraha


tumblr is just so whipped when it comes to natalie dormer


franky x kim, 2.01